The picturesque mountain village of Tazha is located in the Municipality of Pavel Banya – the central part of Bulgaria, 2 km away from the sub-Balkan motorway Sofia-Burgas and 9 km east of Kalofer. The climate in Tazha is very suitable for our favorite hobby – plants and gardening. SASHA’S SECRET GARDEN – this is our experience in the creation of a private botanical garden, including over than 500 plant species.

Satisfying our collectors’ passion, we arranged plant species so that the garden can be defined as a place for spiritual and artistic experience. But how could a man have an experience offront enjoyment if it is not shared with kindred spirits? Thus was born the idea to present our garden to like-minded people all over the globe. For a garden can be told a lot, can be seen many pictures, but this is incomparable with the experience of diving into this feast of colors, shapes, harmony and vitality that only Nature can give us.

Come and take a tour.

It will be our privilege to share the results of our passion with you! The garden presentation takes about 1 hour and includes exciting stories about the specifics, nature and manner of plant species cultivation.